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I took the Python crash course with Ravi and Sridevi. I was provided instructions ahead of time for installing python, canopy and course material to go over it. Both of them are very professional and thorough in teaching Python and covering nuances that would have taken quite some time to understand on my own. I will highly recommend this course for anyone who has some programming background. This course will provide a jump start on your projects.

Amit A.
Advanced Python programming

Excellent class that covers the fundamentals of Python and Programming. Unlike many other classes, Workshops and classes this class builds a foundation necessary for true academic and professional usage.

Hamilton H.
Introduction to Python programming

This course was incredible! We were given a complete rundown of the language and the resources to further our knowledge. I cannot recommend this class enough, as Ravi and Sri are knowledgeable and very skilled instructors. Thank you both!

Blythe C.
Advanced Python programming

Great course for Python and/ or image processing for beginners! The provided course material was well prepared and covered all the basic image processing concepts with plenty of Python examples. Ravi and Sri were also very patient in answering questions and helping debug issues when running code.

John Z.
Introduction to Image processing using Python


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